www.ShenaLeonard.com Messy Table, Creative House: I am building an Autographed Collection of my kids’ favorite books – they already think it’s pretty cool, but when they’re older I’m pretty sure they’ll REALLY get how awesome it is, not to mention how awesome their mom is for doing this for them. (= The best part is, it’s not nearly as hard as you might think it would be! (=

Keepsakes your kids will like now – and LOVE when they are older and can really appreciate how special they are!

What was your favorite book when you were a kid? Maybe, if you are like me, you have lots of favorites – and just thinking of them makes you smile doesn’t it?!? One fabulous thing that I do for my kids (I know, I’m modest aren’t I? he-he) is keeping a
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www.ShenaLeonard.com Messy Table, Creative House As an anonymous Kindergarten Teacher so aptly put it, “A Messy Table is a sign of a Happy and Creative household.” We couldn’t agree more! Check out all of the fun project ideas, recipes, reviews, and other things that keep our table looking well-loved every day. (=

Give Your Broken Crayons a New Lease on Life. Make Them Into Funky-Cool-Multicolored Crayons

I love boxes of brand new crayons – all those perfect points lined up neatly in a box, just waiting to create a masterpiece…. They make me smile! (= And then… I use those lovely crayons and the points wear down, some even break off, and my crayons don’t
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