A mess? Or a

A mess? Or a “Where’s Waldo” photo shoot set-up?

As I look back on this old picture I realize that Cabot wasn’t really making a mess in the living room while he played — he was actually setting the scene so I could do a “Where’s Waldo” inspired photoshoot. Quite impressive for one so young,
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Dry Ice Photo Shoot Fun -- with a

Mad Scientist Pics – Dry Ice Photo Shoot Fun

A few years ago we had some dry ice left over after one of the kid’s classroom Halloween parties. (Click here to see the Fun & Safe Witch’s Brew post)  It just so happened that my oldest son was going as a Mad Scientist for Halloween that year too. So, I
Read More Messy Table, Creative House As an anonymous Kindergarten Teacher so aptly put it, “A Messy Table is a sign of a Happy and Creative household.” We couldn’t agree more! Check out all of the fun project ideas, recipes, reviews, and other things that keep our table looking well-loved every day. (=

Riley’s First Photo Contest Entry

Riley(8) has always been into photography (really, always… since he was a toddler and we gave him one of our old cameras) and this summer he and I took three SLR camera classes together. He’s learning a lot, practicing a lot, and just entered his very first photo
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