Art Adventures

Some samples of the Printing Art Adventure that Cabot(9) and I are developing for his class. (=

Art Adventure: Print Making

Here are some samples of the Printing Art Adventure that Cabot(9) and I are developing for his class. (=
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A Tale of Two Mice…

The other day Cabot(9) drew this cute cartoon of two mice who are heartbroken because they can’t be together. I LOVE it! (=
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Adorable monogram art by my kinder. It was a present for his teacher. (=

Cabot’s Awesome Monograms — Brought to you by the letter W (=

I love, love, LOVE the Monogram Art that my little guy does. I came across some pics of old ones he did as gifts, so I thought I’d post them for you all to enjoy. (= Today’s post is brought to you by the letter W. Cabot did this monogram a couple of years ago as a
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I used some of Cabot's art around one of my favorite art quotes. I love the way Cabot makes these designs - my scanner really didn't do the bright colors justice, but you can still tell what an awesome job he did. (=

Art Quotes With Designs by Cabot (=

My youngest, Cabot, does the coolest designed monograms – so I had him make me a frame in his style that I can use with art quotes.  Here are a couple samples. I love it! (=  
Read More Messy Table, Creative House: This fun Art Adventure teaches kids about posters, and engages them in designing their own poster featuring their favorite book. This Art Adventure is a HUGE HIT with the Kids because they love creating a poster that features themselves and their favorite book. It is also a huge hit with Teachers and Parents because it encourages reading, and sharing what you love about reading. It’s an overall hit! (=

Art Adventure: Reading Posters! (=

In today’s Art Adventure with Cabot’s class we did Reading Posters –in honor of “I Love To Read” Month. (= We started by discussing what the purpose of posters is: to CATCH PEOPLES’ ATTENTION and to CONVEY INFORMATION. Then we talked about various ways posters can meet
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