Family Fun

The boys started young with their inventions/contraptions... Flashback to a slide pulley thingy in progress. (=

Play is the highest form of research

The boys started young with their inventions/contraptions… Flashback to a slide-pulley-thingy in progress. (=
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A mess? Or a

A mess? Or a “Where’s Waldo” photo shoot set-up?

As I look back on this old picture I realize that Cabot wasn’t really making a mess in the living room while he played — he was actually setting the scene so I could do a “Where’s Waldo” inspired photoshoot. Quite impressive for one so young,
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A Mini Donut Shop by Cabot

Little felt donuts in little origami boxes. Cabot makes cute stuff. (=
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Cabot's Pokemon Monopoly Creation (=

Cabot’s Pokemon Monopoly Game

Cabot(9) created a Pokemon Monopoly game with his grandma. He did a really nice job too! (=
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Penguin Origami 

Cabot’s setting up to shoot a video on how to make origami penguins. (=   
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This is one of my favorite sayings of all time... And, it's so true!

The Little Things ARE the Big Things (=

This is one of my favorite sayings of all time… And, it’s so true! Not only the Little Things, but the Little People. Even though some days seem to drag on forever when the kiddos are little, time really does go by way too quickly. They grow so fast that they’ll
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Giant Harry Potter Book Cover 

Cabot is working on a gigantic Harry Potter book cover for part of his Lego League Program presentation (nothing to do with the Robot Competition part of the competition, there’s lots involved in FIRST Lego League…) and I think he’s doing an amazing job!!! (=
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A Tale of Two Mice…

The other day Cabot(9) drew this cute cartoon of two mice who are heartbroken because they can’t be together. I LOVE it! (=
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A Shrinky Dink Tip...

A Shrinky Dink Tip… (=

When doing Shrinky Dinks, it’s very important to have ALL of your coloring on only one side — and that side should be facing UP when you bake your Shrinky Dink. If you color on both sides your Shrinky Dink won’t turn out very nicely — but, you will gain a
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Dry Ice Photo Shoot Fun -- with a

Mad Scientist Pics – Dry Ice Photo Shoot Fun

A few years ago we had some dry ice left over after one of the kid’s classroom Halloween parties. (Click here to see the Fun & Safe Witch’s Brew post)  It just so happened that my oldest son was going as a Mad Scientist for Halloween that year too. So, I
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