How we make our Reading Pillows

I gotten a lot of questions about how we do our pillows, so I thought I’d share our process & some in-progress pics. (= First I sketch out a rough pattern design of the character on large paper. Then the kids & I search through the fabric supply in my mom’s
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The perfect way to wrap Princess Dresses (=

I found my new favorite way to wrap Princess Dresses! Just sew up a matching garment bag to hang it in – and this shimmery blue works perfect for a Cinderella dress! (= Bonus: The “wrapping” will protect the dress when it travels. (=
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Classroom Reading Pillows: Monsters, Turtles, Harry Potter and More (= Messy Table, Creative House

Classroom Reading Pillows: Monsters, Turtles, Harry Potter and More (=

We are currently working on the Reading Pillows for Cabot’s classroom this fall, so I thought it was the perfect time to share some of the pillows we’ve done for the boys’ classrooms in the past. (= The first couple of years we only did Funny Monster Faces, but
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We love to make Reading Pillows for the kiddos’ classrooms. Check out some of our fun designs. (= Messy Table, Creative House

Reading Pillows for Cabot’s 1st Grade Classroom (=

I was going through some old photos and I found these cute ones of some of the Monster Reading Pillows we made for Cabot’s 1st grade classroom. I can’t believe how little Cabot was – look at him carrying pillows that are almost bigger than him into the school!!
Read More Messy Table, Creative House As an anonymous Kindergarten Teacher so aptly put it, “A Messy Table is a sign of a Happy and Creative household.” We couldn’t agree more! Check out all of the fun project ideas, recipes, reviews, and other things that keep our table looking well-loved every day. (=

Monster Pillows!!

We had a Monster Making Marathon at Nenny and Nohn’s house this weekend. Actually, they were monster reading pillows for Riley’s classroom this fall (and a few for his old teachers too). But, before we bring them into the school the boys decided to have some fun with
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