Cool School Stuff

Bowtruckle for Character Day at school 

Cabot(10) is going to be Newt Scamander for Character Day at school. There’s not a lot of Newt costume stuff available at a day’s notice — but, we were able to make a quick Bowtruckle from pipe cleaners and sharpies that we found around the house. (=
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How we make our Reading Pillows

I gotten a lot of questions about how we do our pillows, so I thought I’d share our process & some in-progress pics. (= First I sketch out a rough pattern design of the character on large paper. Then the kids & I search through the fabric supply in my mom’s
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I did this Art Adventure Project, focusing on The Scream by Edward Munch, with second graders and it was so much FUN! Who doesn’t like creating art of themselves screaming, right!?!? All of their masterpieces turned out fantastically!! This Art Project is outlined for use in the Classroom, but it would also be fun a fun Art Project (for kids and adults) at home, or in a small group

Classroom (or home!) Art Adventure Project: The Scream

I did this Art Adventure, focusing on The Scream by Edward Munch, with the second graders and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Who doesn’t like creating art of themselves screaming, right!?!? And, all of their masterpieces turned out fantastically!!   I am going to detail how to do this
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How to make the Perfect end-of-the-year (or anytime) Teacher Present! It’s small, cute (adorable, actually) and includes EVERY Child’s Favorite Thing about their school year. Each kid has a page with their photo, info and drawing. I have made this for my kids’ teachers the last 8 years and it’s always a big hit! (=

How To Make the Perfect Teacher Gift – “What I Like About School…” books made by the kids in class

For the past 8 years I have been creating the PERFECT end-of-the-year Teacher Gift with my kids’ classes. I know, I know… nothing is perfect you say…. But, this present is pretty close! The teachers really love it! And why wouldn’t they? It’s adorable, it takes up very little
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Print Making 

Just finished a Printing Art Adventure with the third graders -they did a great job! I’ll post a “how-to” soon. (=
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Possibly the Coolest School Project Ever!

I love the amazing school projects our teachers come up with! Cabot’s third grade teacher has kids creating businesses, learning about supply & demand, ROI, etc. The kids have to present business plans to the bank (the teacher) and see if they are eligible for business
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A Cool Way to Include Kids When Designing a Yearbook Cover (=

I’m working on finalizing the yearbook over spring break and I just LOVE the cover!! It’s a K-5 school and all of the 5th graders did a self-portrait that I scanned and included on the cover. I think it looks amazing! If you’re working on a yearbook, a mosaic
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A Fun Twist on BB8 for a Valentines Box. (=

BB8 (make that CM9) Valentine Box

This is the first year (3rd grade) that Cabot was allowed to make a Valentine’s Box for school since preschool, and he was excited! Check out CM9 (he’s a descendant of BB8 -I just love how my little guy’s brain works!). He’s made from plastic bowls and
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Fun Robot Valentine's Box. (=

Robot Valentine’s Box

The only time Cabot got to make a Valentine’s box for school was in preschool and he made a super-cool robot. It was a great use for a broken slinky! (= These pics are a but blurry, but they’re pretty cute. He was so excited about his creation. (= Sadly, he
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Mad Scientist Lab Classroom Party

Take a sneak peek at the Mad Scientist Lab Classroom party preparations. My sample Love Potion is “only for those old enough to date.”  (=
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